I first attended a retreat with Tami and Jodi in 2005. What struck me then, as now, is the love and respect Tami and Jodi show themselves, each other, and their fortunate students. That love and respect mixed with a deep knowledge of yoga makes them both stellar teachers.  The two create a community, a sangha, even over the course of of a weekend.  They welcome students of all levels and create a class that allows all to practice in a way that supports and sustains.  I have practiced with them while healthy, while ill, while emotionally spent, and while full of joy, and I’ve always found peace and calm through my practice with them.

Tami’s and Jodi’s joint teaching has changed and grown as their own practices have evolved. Amidst their changing lives, they have preserved space for each other, their own practice and teaching, and their unique union.  Their art and craft as dual teachers continues to develop and blossom.  I am always thrilled at the prospect of attending their joint classes.  I know that they will bring their dynamism and love into the room and into their teaching.