I was already teaching yoga in Australia, yet wanted another 200 hour program. Tami and Jodi were always helpful and positive and the course was incredibly interesting, I have never before received this many special lessons. I will always remember how kind Tami & Jodi were. Thank you much from deep in my heart. I will never forget the great experience.

~ Yoko Kayano Japan


The training with Jodi and Tami was a wonderful and enriching experience. I learned so much and feel blessed to have had such nurturing and caring teachers. There are so many Yoga trainings out there, but I can’t imagine there being a better one.

~ Richard Simpson UK


I want to thank both of you for such a wonderful retreat in Bali. It provided the perfect mix of serene escapism from the stress of my frequent travel/work schedule and allowed me some free time to indulge in another favorite pastime “unique shopping”.

I have tried many yoga classes/styles over the years and I always thought yoga was just too zen for me. Your style of Vinyasa Flow proved me wrong. I loved our sessions, the trick now is to find a “Jodi or Tami” closer to home 🙂 Impossible I know! Can you fly to Beirut once a month 😉 Or how about a middle-east retreat Tami? My house when the situation calms down. I just know that I left Bali feeling relaxed, energized, and with a deeper appreciation of the benefits of yoga.

~Laura, Beirut, Lebanon


I am so grateful to have learned (and be learning still) from both of these deep, reflective women whose practices I respect and admire so much. The structure of the training is thoughtful and comprehensive, and prepared me well for my path of teaching. The experience of Satsanga Retreat and the many beautiful spirits attracted to this place (human and animal!) is something I cherish — the staff is beyond incredible and the atmosphere, nourishing on all levels. Thank you Tami & Jodi, and thank you Satsanga!

~Jessica Johnson, Yoga Teacher, Seattle, USA


I began my journey of yoga over 8 years ago in private sessions. After about 3 years a friend encouraged me to attend a yoga retreat. Oh, my goodness are you kidding? I was so intimidated. Practicing in public with others? After arriving at Sleeping Lady and meeting Tami and Jodi, I was welcomed  and they made me feel very safe. With their guidance I took my practice and meditation to another level. What a wonderful experience. Of course, when I was invited to go to India for another retreat I jumped at the opportunity. What another amazing experience to be guided through morning and evening practice with these two experienced, centered and talented instructors. I now make it a tradition to participate in a yoga retreat somewhere in the world. I owe this courage to Tami and Jodi for their care and guidance. What a team! 

~ LaVonne Dorsey, Personal Life Coach, Seattle, USA


Jodi and Tami have a unique and beautiful collaborative style. Having known both of them for several years, it has been a pure joy to experience their special and growing  partnership of gently guiding each class, while seamlessly taking turns offering their gifts. They help us with our practices in breathing, meditating,  vinyasa flow movements  while offering adjustments throughout each class. Oh, how I love the adjustments!

The yoga retreats that Synergy Yoga – Jodi and Tami – provide are both calming and energizing, tapping energy that might otherwise stay stuck.  Interactive activities with participants and thematic journal writing activities complement the yoga practices in ways that tap into all of our senses – our mind, body and spirit. Practicing yoga with Jodi and Tami is both meaningful and fun.  What more would I want from yoga teachers?  Not much.  I am grateful to their teaching styles and their generous spirits.

~ Janet Boguch, Leadership Development & Nonprofit Cosultant, Seattle, USA


I first attended a retreat with Tami and Jodi in 2005. What struck me then, as now, is the love and respect Tami and Jodi show themselves, each other, and their fortunate students. That love and respect mixed with a deep knowledge of yoga makes them both stellar teachers.  The two create a community, a sangha, even over the course of of a weekend.  They welcome students of all levels and create a class that allows all to practice in a way that supports and sustains.  I have practiced with them while healthy, while ill, while emotionally spent, and while full of joy, and I’ve always found peace and calm through my practice with them.

Tami’s and Jodi’s joint teaching has changed and grown as their own practices have evolved. Amidst their changing lives, they have preserved space for each other, their own practice and teaching, and their unique union.  Their art and craft as dual teachers continues to develop and blossom.  I am always thrilled at the prospect of attending their joint classes.  I know that they will bring their dynamism and love into the room and into their teaching.

~ Melissa Aaron, Teacher, Seattle, USA


I never did yoga (other than a try-it/see if you like it session or two – and I didn’t like it) until I decided to learn what my wife, Janet, found so engrossing. That led us to Tami and Jodi’s retreat for nine days in India. There, I practiced twice a day and in the six months since, I have made yoga part of my weekly routine. No matter your skill level (mine was nil) you will find these practitioners to be engaged, supportive, inclusive, funny and thoughtful.

~ Kelby Fletcher, Attorney, Seattle, USA


I have practiced yoga under the wonderful teaching of both Tami and Jodi – separately and together as a teaching team – and it is their classes and retreats I turn to first when I need the full integration of mind, body and spirit that they so masterfully deliver in their yoga classes. An attendee of many of their retreats both locally as well as in India, my yoga practice has deepened under the skill they have nurtured within their own practices, and the way that together they challenge me and my fellow yogis to go deep within ourselves to truly strengthen our bodies and minds. These two women

are peace, love, friendship – and their commitment to yoga and to sharing it with others is beautiful and inspirational.

~ Gail Johnson, Marketing Consultant, Seattle, USA


Choosing to attend a yoga retreat in India led by Tami and Jodi was without a doubt one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. I still think about the experience regularly, years later! The support and energy that fills any yoga studio where they teach, apart or together, is felt even more strongly in India, where their collective energy and enthusiasm for the country, its people, practices, food and traditions infuse every little detail of the experience. Through this adventure, I not only had an amazing trip, but I grew in my practice, and made great friends both on and off the mat. I look forward to many more retreats, trainings and workshops with these two very gifted teachers. Thank you, Tami and Jodi!

~ Gena Bomotti, Attorney, Seattle, USA


I love Jodi and Tami! What a wonderful combination of seamless flow, wisdom and heart. and I couldn’t think of two more special people to learn from.  Jodi’s classes are infused with inspiring quotes and stillness, while Tami takes you on a journey which  challenges you to find your own limits within each posture. As a team they complement each other perfectly. Jodi is caring and sensitive and confident in her delivery and Tami is warm and enthusiastic. they also bring life experience to their teaching. In her capacity as a yoga retreat center owner/manager Jodi deals with a variety of guests and staff and I have never seen her be anything less then supportive and generous in all her interactions. Tami, in her role of mother is patient and fun loving and deeply present.

As a teacher of teachers myself I  felt very lucky to spend a week last year at Satsanga taking their retreat. They managed the group beautifully,  offering just the right combination of discipline and freedom, fun and  depth and it was one of the nicest and touching weeks of my life.

I am sure that deepening your practice and studying the art of teaching with Jodi and Tami will be a life changing and transformative journey that will give you the confidence to go out there and share yoga from the heart.

~ Rachel Zinman, Yoga Teacher, Byron Bay, Australia


I feel so grateful that I found Jodi and Tami – they have a wonderful teaching style; grounded in knowledge and overflowing with joy. After having the pleasure of attending retreats with them in both India and Europe I will continue to seek out their classes and workshops wherever and whenever possible. In my experience they are true teachers embodying the spirit of yoga. They have a blend of genuine kindness, warmth and grace backed up by solid foundations and ethics. Whenever I have attended their retreats and classes I have found myself both uplifted and enlightened, always getting lost in the flow and focus of their unique style. I have always taken great inspiration from their beautiful friendship and their shared belief in yoga and its benefits for all who want to experience it, no matter what stage they are at in their yoga path. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone – whether you are seeking to develop your studies, or simply seeking a break from the crazy world we live in… I have always found that I have got exactly what I needed, when I needed it while on their retreats and always look forward to the next time we meet.

~ Bec Smith, TV Producer, London, England


I have already had the pleasure to enjoy several workshops with Jodi and Tami. They both are such patient and caring teachers, they do their work with passion and conviction, have soft and clear voices and you just feel guided and in good hands. Thank you for learning from and with you!

~ Ida Grutschnig, Elementary School Teacher & Yoga Teacher, Eschenz, Switzerland


The yoga classes by Jodi and Tami are always a great pleasure. They allow a full immersion in the experience of the flowing, full-bodied and harmonious asanas, which always makes an encounter with one’s own person. The yoga lessons are meditative and yet full of power and energy. Loving and clear instructions for the asanas, pranayama, and a beautiful savasana at the end of practice. Joy & balance frame the devotional yoga lessons, which triggers in an inner calm and security. It is simply the most beautiful yoga classes with Jodi and Tami.

~ Daria Schär, Nurse & Yoga Teacher, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland