Jodi and Tami have a unique and beautiful collaborative style. Having known both of them for several years, it has been a pure joy to experience their special and growing  partnership of gently guiding each class, while seamlessly taking turns offering their gifts. They help us with our practices in breathing, meditating,  vinyasa flow movements  while offering adjustments throughout each class. Oh, how I love the adjustments!

The yoga retreats that Synergy Yoga – Jodi and Tami – provide are both calming and energizing, tapping energy that might otherwise stay stuck.  Interactive activities with participants and thematic journal writing activities complement the yoga practices in ways that tap into all of our senses – our mind, body and spirit. Practicing yoga with Jodi and Tami is both meaningful and fun.  What more would I want from yoga teachers?  Not much.  I am grateful to their teaching styles and their generous spirits.