300-Hour Teacher Training

Reiki Training

About Reiki
Reiki is a method concentrating and increasing the flow of the same Chi, Ki, or Prana we work with in yoga, chi-gong, and in martial arts. As Ki (or Chi) flows over and through us, it nurtures and supports us. Using Reiki to increase the flow it can also flush out energy that no longer serves us – stuck energy, stagnant energy, other people’s energy stuck in our space – replacing it with the fresh clear stream of our life sustaining energy. And so, Reiki helps move us into a natural state of calm, conducive to self-repair and healing; it helps us release patterning – built through past experiences – may be preventing us from being fully present.

About Reiki Level 1 workshop
In Reiki Level 1 training, you will learn the general principles of Reiki and its history. You will also receive two Reiki “attunements.” These attunements help open the energy channels that flow through the physical body so as to allow it to pass Reiki energy. Through enjoyable exercises and practice you will learn how to feel energy and how to work with it, primarily for self-treatment. This part of the course assists the integration of the energy and gives you the tools to become a Reiki Practitioner.

About Michael Emanuel
Michael Emanuel trained through the Reiki Training Program and became a Washington State Certified Reiki Master Teacher in Usui Shiki Ryoho in 2006. He is also a Registered Reiki Master Teacher in Karuna Reiki through the International Center for Reiki Training. Michael’s path to Reiki was slow. A professional engineer turned marketing and business analyst, he kicked and screamed against the metaphysical aspects of Reiki until he had
exhausted all scientific explanations and found them insufficient. In the end, he gave up resisting and decided to practice and teach Reiki instead.
Michael’s workshops invite participates to experience, play, question and test. They are designed to support those coming to Reiki with experience in other energy modalities, and those new to energy work.

Contact info:
Email: michael@emanuel.net
Web: www.michaelemanuel.net
Tel: 206.324.8424

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