I love Jodi and Tami! What a wonderful combination of seamless flow, wisdom and heart. and I couldn’t think of two more special people to learn from.  Jodi’s classes are infused with inspiring quotes and stillness, while Tami takes you on a journey which  challenges you to find your own limits within each posture. As a team they complement each other perfectly. Jodi is caring and sensitive and confident in her delivery and Tami is warm and enthusiastic. they also bring life experience to their teaching. In her capacity as a yoga retreat center owner/manager Jodi deals with a variety of guests and staff and I have never seen her be anything less then supportive and generous in all her interactions. Tami, in her role of mother is patient and fun loving and deeply present.

As a teacher of teachers myself I  felt very lucky to spend a week last year at Satsanga taking their retreat. They managed the group beautifully,  offering just the right combination of discipline and freedom, fun and  depth and it was one of the nicest and touching weeks of my life.

I am sure that deepening your practice and studying the art of teaching with Jodi and Tami will be a life changing and transformative journey that will give you the confidence to go out there and share yoga from the heart.